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The lands of northern Chile: a region that lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Andean highlands, they provide a lot of surprises during your circuit in Chile. Program: vicunas, alpacas and pink flamingos, salt deserts such as the Surire, numerous volcanoes, nature reserves and the park Lauca, hot springs, small towns outside of time.

Northern Chile Chile

San Pedro de Atacama and surrounding area: the oasis village of San Pedro de Atacama is the ideal starting point to discover the jewels of nature carved by the Atacama desert and the high Andes. The main sites in the area are the salt deserts of Atacama, Tara, the geysers of "El Tatio", the altiplanic lagoons, valleys of the moon and of death.

San pedro de Atacama Chile Chile

The Small North of Chile: this is the least visited region of Chile with yet full of beautiful places to visit. For lovers of astronomy, telescopes here are turned into the purest skies of our planet.

Small North of Chile Chile

Santiago of Chile and the central Valleys: at the feet of the Andes is Santiago, the Chilean capital, the starting point for a trip to Chile. Not far away, facing the sea, the mythical port of Valparaiso will seduce you. You also expect many valleys, benchmarks of Chilean wineries, including the famous Colchagua Valley.

Santiago of Chile Chile

Chiloe Island: the greenest region of Chile, which awaits you a cultural journey from lakes, rivers, volcanoes and sea. Many volcanoes such as Osorno, Villarica, the dominant Puntiagudo hundreds of lakes and rivers. The island of Chiloe is known for its original traditions and picturesque villages.

Chiloe Island at Chile Chiloe Island at Chile

The Northern Chilean Patagonia: is difficult and of little traveled, a region filled with surprises, crossed from north to south by the Southern road with the program, the San Rafael Lagoon and its glacier of the same name, Pie XI glacier, Mount San Valentin, Caleta Tortel, the fjords of Patagonia and as Puerto Eden, accessible only by boat.

Chile Chile

The Southern Chilean Patagonia: a region full of mythical places that defy our imagination as Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas, the Strait of Magellan, Torres del Paine National Park, the glaciers of end of the world, Tierra del Fuego, the true southernmost city in the world that is Puerto Williams, and finally the Cape Horn.

Chile Chile

The Southern Argentine Patagonia: those are legendary mountains such as Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre; glaciers among the most impressive of our planet as the Perito Moreno, Viedma; estancias and thousands of hectares covered by the gauchos, the immensity far as the eye along the Andes, ending with Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel.

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The Northern Argentine Patagonia: a vast region filled with surprises as Peninsula Valdes and the entire Atlantic coast (item of incredible marine fauna), arid and endless. Snowy peaks, lakes, forests millennia, glaciers, steppe landscapes form the Andean Patagonia in the west, with many national parks such as the Park Nahuel Huapi, Lanin, Alerces...

Argentina Argentina

The Cuyo: a region where the sun and heat are omnipresent. Here are waiting for you vineyards and wineries, but also parks in the Argentine rock formations just traveled like the park Ischigualasto and Talampaya Park. This is also the area where there are the highest peaks of the mountain range, like Aconcagua, many volcanoes and mountain lakes.

Argentina Argentina

Buenos Aires: the Argentine capital reserves you full of surprises; cultural capital of Excellence. During your stay in Argentina, visiting Buenos Aires is required at the beginning or end of stay. Native city of tango, a land of emigrants from Europe, many famous names punctuate your visits.

Argentina Argentina

The Argentine Mesopotamia: it is the region including Argentina's most beautiful waterfalls in the world, the famous Iguazu Falls. It was during a trip to Argentina, one of the major attractions not to be missed. But many other sites, little visited, are exceptional, as falls from Mocona and lodges in subtropical forest, and further south, Ibera's ponds and its so rich biodiversity.

Argentina Argentina

The North-Western Argentina: certainly the most traditional region of Argentina, where you will see rock formations, salt deserts, giant cactuses, a mineral world that will expose you his color palette to infinity, villages with colonial buildings, music, gauchos, and for to accompany all this, the Torrentes grape, certainly the best white wine of all south America.

Argentina Argentina

Easter Island (Rapa Nui): off Chile, a trip back in time, in the heart of the most mysterious civilization of all times; open-air museum, the small Easter Island is full of mysteries and unanswered questions. Rapa Nui (Easter Island Maori language) includes more than 600 moai.

Argentina Argentina

Antarctica: this is the polar world, which is shared among other countries, Argentina and Chile. For getting together whales and emperor penguins, many choices of cruises from Ushuaia and Punta Arenas are possible, and even for the wealthy flights directly to Antarctica.

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Patagonia in all seasons menu. For example, according to the climate, from Bariloche, in Patagonia Argentina, it is possible to go to Puerto Montt, in Chile, crossing successively three lakes by boat, as did the Jesuits and the first German settlers. I offer a tour that leads to the Pacific Ocean. It is quite long, but the beauty of the sites - forests, volcanoes and crystalline lakes - is such that it is worth to be carried. The Argentine side, cross the west arm of Nahuel Huapi and Lake Puerto Alegre and, the chilen side, Lake Todos los Santos. Moving from one lake to another by bus. This tour is feasible in all seasons, but in winter, it takes two days to reach Puerto Montt, stopping for one night at Peulla. We returned to Bariloche by air or by the same way, after a night in Puerto Montt. Borispatagonia is also responsible for visas to go to Chile and to book hotels. In Patagonia, winter and summer are tourist seasons. In summer, besides explore the surrounding, many activities are available: climbing, torrent fishing, sailing, horseback riding, hiking, rides, visits to Aciendas... In winter, the main activity is, of course, skiing, especially in July and August on the side of the Andes, but not only: snowshoe hikes, thematic tours, many walks to admire the beauty of Patagonia Argentina and Chile in this season, due a unique light, the warmth of the people of Patagonia... Just to talk about, I get goose bumps!