Central Argentina and the arid Pampa is a very wide area (as usual here!). Very few strangers stop in this place, lots of them are just passing through or are flying over because there is no major touristic site. If they knew...

Gauchos of central Argentina, in the arid Pampa

The arid Pampa or Dry Pampa “Pampa seca”, real desert between the Andes and fertile lands, in the east the town of Rosario, capital city of Santa Fé province, in the west the forgotten region of San Luis and in the North the famous Sierras de Córdoba.

The immensity and harshness of the arid Pampa

Some areas inside this region frequently beat temperature records. In the middle of the summer, it is impossible to stand under the sun, you would get completely burnt. The famous dry pampa can be a nightmare to cross. Roads are straight lines to the infinite and dull landscapes can drive you to madness. We hear lots of stories of people who fell asleep while driving, or died of thirst because their car broke down.

To the East, Rosario, third town of Argentina in size and capital city of the Santa Fé province, is in the heart of the Wet Pampa. Being from Rosario is an exaggerated way of being Argentinian – With this sentence, everything is said! – Here football is raised to a religion. The best player of the world to date, Lionel Messi, was born in Rosario. The best coach in the world, Macelo Bielsa, is coming from Rosario as well. Mario Kempes, top scorer at the WW championship in 1978, Gabriel Batistuta, famous player during the nineties or Javier Mascherano, are from Rosario too. In a completely different tone, Che Guevara was also born in Rosario.

To the West, San Luis is keeping wonderful secrets only known by Argentinian. Among them the beautiful Sierra de las Quijadas National Park and the little town of Merlo, known for its extraordinary microclimate, close to the “Comechingones” mountains. Stange as it might seem, you can also enjoy the Rio carnival in… San Luis!

To the North, Córdoba and its famous Sierras will cool you down. It is the best holiday destination for Argentinians. So be prepared to see a lot of people, especially natives! You will not come across amazing landscapes but more unusual and original cities like Villa Carlos Paz, La Quebrada del Condorito, La Cumbre, Capilla del Monte, El Uritorco, Mina Clavero and the famous rock festival of Cosquín.