You just need to cross the Río de la Plata during your trip in Argentina to join Uruguay. I can organize visits to Colonia, charming little colonial town, Montevideo, the Capital city or Punta del Este, a popular seaside resort with long beaches.

Historic district of Colonia in Uruguay

Uruguay is one of the tiniest countries in South America, three times smaller than France for example. It is located at the Brazilian border to the North, Atlantic Ocean to the West and separated from Argentina by the Uruguay River which ends up its path in the Plata Estuary. The landscape is mainly made of hills and fields crossed by rivers.

Uruguay is a very quiet country

Uruguay has a seaside with beaches, dunes and headlands. The main part of the land inside the country is dedicated to sheep and cattle breeding.

Montevideo, the highest city in the South of the country, accounts for more than half of the population. Another unique city to visit is Colonia del Sacramento; which is very surprising because of the different architectures that were preserved through history. Some Portuguese constructions in stone are melted with Spanish style bricks building. I strongly recommend to visit this city.

But above all, the Uruguayans have a reputation of cool and nice people in South America. Here, they are free from stress and can relax with mate drink, even more than in Argentina. You are sure to have good times in Uruguay!!!