Bahía Bustamante est un lieu privilégié de la Patagonie argentine

This is Bahía Bustamante, a place on the Atlantic coast that I love because it is unique in its “exclusive” side: a privileged location and incomparable tranquility

Bay of Bahia Bustamante in Argentine Patagonia

It is the only seaweed production village on our planet. I propose to follow the footsteps of its founder Lorenzo Soriano and to know this village which, in its prime, between the years 1965 and 1990, counted nearly 500 inhabitants, who all had an activity related to the cultivation of marine algae. So there was a school, a baker, a grocery shop, a police station, a church, a cemetery, warehouses…

Bahía Bustamante and its inhabitants

Today, Bahía Bustamante can be visited and some old houses have been converted to accommodate up to 24 people (6 bungalows facing the sea). From December to the end of February, you will be able to attend the activity of the place: the harvest of algae by local divers. You can also attend, of course, the sheep shearing which lasts for a month in August. The staff is extremely kind, reflecting the beauty of the place.

The other proposed activities are varied: bike rides, superb beaches including “Los Amores” and “Los Toboganes”, boat trips to observe a very rich fauna – sea lions and birds of all kinds – visit a petrified forest, horse and kayak, visit one of the 3 estancias near Bahía Bustamante and work related to this particular activity… All of these activities are done in the middle of nearly 80,000 hectares of scenery and wild coast as far as the eye can see.

We see marine animals very closely and in very large numbers, much more than elsewhere… Amazing!

I propose you to discover and appreciate a sea with blue contrasts with the red of the rocks, a Petrified Forest, sea and land birds, elephant seals, killer whales and dolphins, hares of Patagonia… More than anything, this small coastal village in the province of Chubut in Argentinean Patagonia invites you to a totally different place, a place that breathes peace and security in an extraordinary natural environment.