The “Torres del Paine” National Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the world. Located in the South of Chilean Patagonia, in the province of “Última Esperanza”, the Magellan region.

Laguna Azul at Torres del Paine Park

Things have changed a lot since I came to the Torres Del Paine National Park the very first time. Back in the days, to arrive into this park was like being the first man to see it, with only condors and guanacos as sentinels. Today, lots of hotels and accommodations are giving me the feeling that the place is now more a fully equipped touristic park… That said, the Torres del Paine National Park is of unparalleled beauty, magical landscapes await you there!

Don’t miss Torres del Paine

Here more than anywhere else, the best seasons to discover the park’s beauty and secrets are Autumn and Winter. Hopefully, the lakes’ colors and logons are still untouched. There, around the Torres Del Paine National Park, Nature is very tough and you can face the four seasons in a single day.

You will be able to observe many animals: foxes, Patagonian hares, pink flamingos, black-necked swans, guanacos, ñandus (small ostrich), cauquenes (a type of wild goose), birds of prey, condors, and even pumas.

In the center of the park stand the famous Paine towers or “Torres del Paine”, incredible 3,000 meters high peaks, as well as lots of lakes, lagoons, glaciers and wild animals.

This is the best place to have a 360° view of this incredible landscape and enjoy the magic of the silence and the lights of Patagonia. You can also take a break to watch huge condors flying on hot wind streams…

Don’t miss visiting the Laguna Azul area, although out of the way, it is the wildest sector of the park and the most beautiful in my eyes. You will pass by La Cascada Paine, which forms the most beautiful falls in the park. Obligatory passage through La Pampa Guanacos, as its name indicates, the largest concentration of Guanacos is found there…

There are lots of treks to do, the two most popular are the “W tour”, a 50 kilometers walk which lasts 5 days and the “Macizo Paine” tour, which is 106 kilometers long and lasts around 9 days. The Torres Del Paine National Park was declared World Natural Reserve by the UNESCO the 28th of April 1978.

This park is the natural gem of southern Chile, landlocked between the Argentinian border and the charming town of Puerto Natales. There are also many estancias where you can experience the life of the gauchos, but be careful: there are many estancias and overpriced accommodation.

Will you dare to face the wilderness in this part of Chile?

Come and admire Torres del Paine!