Argentina and Chile are very large countries. Spanning large latitudes, these two countries offer many very varied landscapes, but also very different cultures and roots.

Tailor-made services for traveling to Patagonia

For example, by looking at a map, we will quickly understand that the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego do not have much in common with the inhabitants of the Altiplano , and even less with those of Easter Island. These very distant territories belong to the same nation, Chile. It is the same in Argentina. These two countries offer many surprises, in terms of landscapes, human encounters, traditions, wildlife. It would be a shame to miss out…

What to do in Argentina and Chile?

During your journey you will be able to descend rivers in Patagonia, feel the colorful lands of the subtropical provinces of Argentina, ride horses with gauchos, dive among sea wolves, observe whales and orcas, go on a cruise between the fjords of Patagonia and Cape Horn, fly over some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world by helicopter or plane and landscapes resembling painter’s palettes, meet the fishermen of these southern lands, discover some of the most beautiful massifs of our planet such as Fitz Roy or El Chaltén, go hiking on emerald blue glaciers, take part in 4×4 expeditions… Meet your imagination in these legendary lands.

I live in Bariloche, on the border of Argentina with Chile, a privileged region of the Patagonian lakes which I of course know perfectly. I regularly travel to the four corners of Argentina and Chile to find new addresses, new destinations and unusual personalities to meet.

My address book is now full of names and magical places scattered throughout Argentina and Chile. It allows me to create extraordinary, particularly authentic, safe and personalized stays for you. The travels I offer are available to depart at any time – you choose your dates!

I can book your plane tickets, international and domestic flights, through “Aerolineas Argentinas” for Argentina, “Latam” or “Sky Airlines” for Chile, which offer good options at attractive prices.

I can also rent a car or 4×4 for you. You still have to be a bit adventurous and have time to spare to think about visiting some of these regions by rental car. Often there is no telephone network on the roads, and you can quickly find yourself almost alone, so be careful…

Without equivalent in Europe, bus services are well developed in South America and are extremely comfortable. For some trips, this type of transport is a solution for discovering and covering long distances while discovering, comfortably installed, wild and varied landscapes.

So I suggest you travel differently, escape mass tourism, and go where most travelers don’t go. I am not offering you a typical tour but a unique adventure, an extraordinary journey!

Travel at your own pace