Argentina is a country beyond measure. This country is driven by passion and lives at the beat of adrenaline. You will feel instantly at home here, and the country’s biggest asset is its great people.

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Argentina spans many latitudes, from the subtropical to the subantarctic, making it the world’s favorite terrain for experiencing biodiversity all year round. Argentina is a country of great space, where nature is Queen. It is the second largest country in South America and the eighth largest in the world, a country that has the dimensions of a continent. All the climates of the world are represented there. When we specify that its population reaches around 40 million inhabitants distributed 90% in urban areas, we then become aware of the extent to which nature and fauna are omnipresent and appropriate the space. Moreover, to realize this, I invite you to explore the map of Argentina.

Argentina is another word for adrenaline!

Your first introduction will surely be Buenos Aires, which alone totals a third of the country’s population… The Argentine capital, very cultural with its theaters, cinemas, exhibitions and the ever-present Tango. There is incredible diversity in Argentina, illustrated by the mountain ranges of the Andes which are home to Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas ; by La Pampa, one of the most fertile lands on the globe; the widest river in the world: La Plata, vast, endless plains whipped by the winds; by the tropical forests of Misiones which border Brazil, and by the Tierra del Fuego, a southern expanse which leads to the end of the world.

The North-west of Argentina is a fascinating region that will captivate all travelers, even the most “jaded”… And travel to the Northeast, in Argentinean Mesopotamia, a journey through time, culminating at the Iguazu Falls, certainly the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

In the very south: Patagonia, land of superlatives, a dream common to each of us, just the word “Patagonia” triggers an unreasonable madness, which takes us far from our daily lives, into a imaginary and mysterious world specific to each of us. In Patagonia (region shared with Chile), there is less than one inhabitant per km², it is almost twice that of France with the equivalent of the population of Alsace. This end of the world is certainly home to some of the last virginities on our planet.

Argentina is also this immense piece of Europe, transferred to South America. A promised land, which has sometimes proven capricious, but where the myth of America has remained alive. If Tango is indissolubly linked to Buenos Aires, the Gaucho is always associated with La Pampa. Then come a thousand differences, a thousand discoveries, a thousand nuances, which make Argentina a unique land.

Argentina has a common “natural” border of nearly 4,000 kilometers with Chile: the Andes, the backbone of the South American continent. Nature is strong, harsh and hostile; it makes us humble and returns us to our little condition as human beings. Travel to these lands is to want to find yourself with yourself, faced with so many unanswered questions.

This world can be very real and I can help you know it…

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“Argentina with my Mate, my Poncho and my Charanguito…” Discover the four corners of the country, its breathtaking and contrasting landscapes. From north to south, as well as from the Atlantic to the Andes Mountains.

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