Antarctica: it is the polar world. This is the destination that moved me the most among all those I have traveled. To meet the famous right whales and Emperor penguins, several cruises are possible starting from Ushuaïa, and even flights directly to Antarctica.

Weddell Seal Antarctic

For an exceptional trip, I can only encourage you to embark on an Antarctic cruise and take the adventure even further to the ends of the world! Antarctica is a continent located mostly south of the Antarctic Circle and is completely surrounded by the Southern Ocean.

This continent is the coldest, the driest, the highest (in average) and the windiest in the world. It is covered at 99 % of ice. The weather conditions are harsh and variable, of course, but the magical spectacle is permanent.

A world of ice

The Antarctic Continent is both an open space, which witnesses a pure nature untouched by humans, a memory of global worldwide climate inscribed deeply in its ice coat, an excellent observation spot for atmospherically and climatic phenomena and an extreme condition area where life was finally able to settle down.

Since 1961, Parties to the Antarctic Treaty have negotiated several international agreements and more than 200 resolutions and decisions dealing with the governance and management of Antarctica. Therefore, countries which tried to colonize part of Antarctica accepted to give up their rights. Since then, Antarctica is government free continent (even if Argentina and Chile are still claiming a part of it).

Antarctica is the last wild natural area on earth. Its huge icebergs, its mountains and the extreme loneliness of its polar continental shelf go beyond our imagination. It is the land of extreme conditions, beautiful and peaceful and also wild and violent at the same time. This area escapes all measurement, whether we watch it from the coast or by plane.

The last ten years proved that mining and oil are no longer the main economical resources of the region, but tourism. Maybe the continent will remain a place for international alliance, free and preserved.

Traveling to Antarctica means discovering a sea of ​​ice… listening to the silence broken by the crash of the ice floe… being moved by the leaping leap of a humpback whale… following in the footsteps of the great early explorers of the 20th century…

Whales Antarctica Argentina

These southern lands have inspired explorers for centuries. Venturing there will be the opportunity to understand their fascination for this place. Explore one of the most unique and isolated places on the planet during zodiac outings, and get as close as possible to the icy expanses every day.

This will give you the opportunity to enjoy one of the most fascinating spectacles in the world: the midnight sun. South of the Antarctic Circle, the sun does not set for several months of the year…