You may wonder what are the common points between French Polynesia, Argentina and Chile?

Tapa Ori dance in Tahiti

French Polynesia is made of 118 islands spread across five archipelagos which are 4 millions kilometers wide, as big as Europe for instance. These islands are renowned for their beautiful and stunning landscapes and their cultures of old chants, dances and food. Polynesian people cultivated and kept their traditions and ancient customs.

French Polynesia is at flying distance from Chile

I suggest that you extend your trip to Polynesia if you have time. If you are visiting the Easter Island in Chile, you are half way between continental Chile and French Polynesia. As the national airline company “LAN CHILE” as connections to Tahiti, it is a tempting experience! Moreover, flying to Tahiti from Europe via Santiago de Chile is a very good option, much better than stopping in Los Angeles, where custom controls are long and sometimes complicated. You are welcome to finish your trip in this small paradise at the end of the world.

Each Polynesian island is different from one another. Tahiti is very impressive with its volcano mountains, Moorea with its lost valleys full of pineapple trees, Raiatea and Tahaa, the two sacred islands, Bora Bora the legendary pearl of the Pacific Ocean, Rangiroa, Tikehau, Manihi and Fakarava, low islands surrounded by coral and turquoise blue lagoons, Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa, the local culture sanctuary, Rurutu and Tubai, to the South, to watch whales in a preserved environment.