I am your guide, living in Argentinean Patagonia. I was born French but my heart belongs to Argentina…

Patagonia Travel Guide

After 15 years dedicated to making music, my first and great passion, I decided in 2000 (new century, new projects) to leave Paris and to live in Argentinean Patagonia, down the Andes Cordillera, at the Chile border. Argentina and Chile, two countries that I particularly appreciate and which I invite you to discover.

Here is my story

Your Patagonia travel guide

As an artist and a true lover of freedom, I was able to achieve here, at the end of the world, one of my dearest dreams: to live free in a nature so wonderful that it becomes unreal, surrounded by art, paintings, music…

South America is a part of the world that always attracted me. When I was young, I used to spend long hours reading books and studying maps about this far away countries. I wanted so much to meet wonderful people, live an adventurous life and discover the truth by looking into the eye of a person or an animal, a smile. I wanted above all to walk this land of so many passion, and wars unfortunately…

Boris in search of new horizons in South America

Finally, this call I was feeling inside me was certainly a way for me to discover and understand how our universe is working, while remaining open and humble. I wanted to know these lands that gave birth to so many characters, revolutionaries, poets, writers, known or unknown artists…

I wanted to discover giant lands, to feel very small in front of this gigantic space, to measure what cannot be measure, to understand the hidden meaning of the wind in a desert of stone, to hear the sound of the water flowing down the waterfalls and to share these feelings with the wonderful south American people, so welcoming and warm.

This quest began at Machu Picchu for Boris

This “quest” began when I was 26 with my first trip to South America, in Peru, the Inca territory. This country seemed richer for me in terms of civilization, culture and landscapes. Fate took my hand even further that I could imagine… During a trek in Machu Picchu, I met Myrna, an Argentinean woman, who became my wife. A love at first sight which changed my life forever.

Discovering Patagonia

Then I discovered Patagonia. Nothing in the world compares to this magnificent part of the world. It was instantly my second love, very strong and intense. I was tagged forever. I settle down there and never came back.

“I packed my bags in Patagonia and never left again… Patagonia thus became my ultimate refuge …”

In this country of heart and adoption, I spent a lot of time with people with traditions, culture, thoughts and vision of the world which are completely different from my European model.

Off-the-beaten-track stays in Argentina and Chile

In a very simple way, I wanted to share these encounters, these emotions, the great landscape and the lessons that South America offers every time. Therefore, to organize and invite people to discover this place became obvious.

I regularly travel extensively into these countries to discover new destinations that could easily be the reason to come here. I propose personalized agendas, off the beaten paths and I keep in mind my objective which is “Beyond your wildest expectations” in this region of the world which fascinate me and that I know so well.

Discover Patagonia with Borispatagonia

During all these years, I was lucky to meet so many astonishing people… Who became Friends along the way. Men and Women that you will have the chance to meet during your travel.

They will give a human meaning to your travel, which will leave unforgettable and strong memories. You will leave the country rich with a unique and strong experience.

Thanks to my experience in Argentina and with my knowledge of the field as well as the local culture, France, through the French consulate in Buenos Aires, gave me the honor of appointing me with a field of very broad action, to help and advise French people passing through or living in Patagonia.

As custom travel guide, I can help you to discover Argentina and Chile, lands of vastness and freedom, rich with cultures and traditions.

So see you soon around my place in South America!