Buenos Aires is a cultural capital city with lots of parks. A trendy city where fashion meets nightlife.

La Boca district of Buenos Aires

The great majority of Argentines is a melting pot of European immigrants who arrived through the “Rio de la Plata”. There are lots of phrases around this, one of my favorite is “Argentines are Italians who speak Spanish who think they are British”

Get ready to discover Buenos Aires, a vibrant city

You can very easily visit the main neighborhoods of Buenos Aires with the famous yellow cabs or even walk if you are trained. The La Boca area is the oldest and most colorful part of Buenos Aires, the San Telmo area is more like Greenwich village or Montmartre in France, full of second hand shops, the Puerto Madero area, very modern and new, built from the former docks of Buenos Aires and finally, the Recoleta area, is the equivalent of New York’s Fifth Avenue or Kensington in London. In Recoleta, you will also visit the micro centro, which includes the May place, the avenue of May and the largest avenue in the world, the Avenue of the 9th of July.

There is also another area that I really like, Palermo, a very trendy district, quite large with a lot of parks to relax or to have a picnic. I strongly recommend.

For Museum lovers, you must not miss “el museo de bellas artes” and “el Malba” (art museum of Latin America). ). For History lovers, I strongly recommend the Bicentennial Museum which is behind la Casa Rosada, you will travel back in Time into the History of Argentina. Other Museums like those dedicated to Evita Peron or Carlos Gardel are interesting as well. I also recommend the “las Malvinas” Museum, which is a bit out of town. If you are music and operas lover, I recommend that you visit the Colon Theater, which is in the top five worldwide in terms of acoustic purity.

Buenos Aires and Tango are indivisible. Argentines are proud to master this dance, which is certainly the most complex in the world.

Tango is a culture. It cannot come down only to a dance or a musical style. According to Argentines, this dance was created to sublimate women’s sensuality. It is the woman’s role to take advantage of pauses during the dance to express her personality and joy of life. To go to a “Milonga” will be the highlight of your travel to Buenos Aires, I strongly recommend that you go there.