The Small North of Chile is the less visited area of Chile but still has lots of wonders. For astronomy lovers, this area has the purest sky on the planet.

Tres Cruces National Park in the Small North of Chile

The highest volcano in the world, The Ojos del Salado is in the small north of Chile. This area also has green and sunny valleys with a warm weather which is perfect for wine production. Even if it is the less visited place in Chile (It even took me a long time before going there).

The Small North of Chile, between deserts and steppes

However, the Small North of Chile is a true land of legends where world-renowned astronomers explore the purest skies and where you can swim with penguins ; is also the region where green sunny valleys extend, conducive to wine growing, rich, dry and prosperous.

Here, after the Far North of Chile, the desert ends and the steppe begins, some column like cactus are guarding the sides of hills in a landscape where rivers circle through before ending in the sea. Passionate astronomers propose an introduction to sky seeing with their hi-end technological tools. A strange world were fossils, spare-time activities, culture and technology live together in harmony like a bridge between the future and the past…

From Copiapó, a city renowned for its silver mining, we can easily go to Bahía Inglesa to discover secret beaches or go hiking into the Tres Cruces National Park, right into the massive cordillera. In the middle of this national park stands the highest active volcano in the world at 6,893 m (22,615 ft), the Ojos del Salado.

La Serena, is a seaside resort with an Andalusian village atmosphere. From this colonial city, you can go into the green Elqui Valley. This valley is renowned for its grapevine and papaya culture but also for esoteric gathering of sun or UFO admirers.

The famous Pisco Sour cocktail was also born in the Small North of Chile. Cheers!