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Three children on Llullaillaco's summit Three children on Llullaillaco's summit Three children on Llullaillaco's summit

Three children on Llullaillaco's summit

In 1999, archeologists found on an Argentinian summit perfectly preserved bodies of three children who had been sacrified by Inca priests five hundred years ago. Immortalized in the ice, these three little mummies are a flashback to a period of Incas’ history and their rites. This discovery took place at 6,739 mts. above sea level, on Llullaillaco's summit, in the Andes mountain range. Llullaillaco or Llullay-Yacu is the third highest active volcano in the world, surpassed only by Mount Pissis and Ojos del Salado and it is situated in the Andes at the border of Argentina (Salta province) and Chile (in the II region of Antofagasta). It is the highest archeological site in the world.

Three children on Llullaillaco's summit

The Incas not only considered children's sacrifices as offerings to the Gods but also believed that these children would be ambassadors in the afterlife. There were cases in which families would offer one of their children’s lives, and in other cases sacrifice was imposed. One century of history, the Inca Empire extended over about 4,000 km. When the Spanish conquest took place in 1532 the Incas who lived in the city of Cuzco, Peru, were more than 12 millon.

Sacrificing children was part of their need for unification. The priests got children from all around the empire and to reward the families they provided goods or gratifying jobs. Do not bear in mind that Incas practised human sacrifice frequently, as a matter of fact it was pretty rare. Children were believed to be more pure than adults and those sacrificed were truly honoured. They used to become the ones representing the people and live eternally among the gods. They were deified as honorary gods. The three children of Llullaillaco, a boy and two girls, have no obvious injury and seem to be in peace.

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