Borispatagonia offers exceptional cruises in partnership with Exploris, a new French Antarctic Expedition cruise company.

Go to Antarctica aboard Exploris One

“EXPLORIS ONE” is equipped to discover the most remote regions, perfectly combining adventure and high-end services. On the seas of the Pacific and the Atlantic, from Valparaiso to Tierra del Fuego, from the Strait of Magellan to Ushuaia, these itineraries explore all the riches offered by the meeting of the Andes Cordillera and the sea.

The labyrinth of deep Chilean fjords opens onto gigantic glaciers with sapphire blue reflections. The smooth water of the channels where Exploris One navigates is alive with the presence of sea lions, rorquals, seals and dolphins. From the Falkland Islands to the Peninsula Valdes, rocky coasts and golden beaches welcome penguins and albatrosses by the thousands.

In the wake of exceptional discoverers, immersed in grandiose landscapes, giant cruises between two oceans. A journey to the heart of wonder and excessiveness, between tropical forest and subpolar fauna. Embark on the cruise of contrasts.

The key points:

  • A high-end ship, with a small capacity (144 passengers maximum), allowing better flexibility on exits and disembarkations (more often and all together) thanks to its fleet of zodiacs.
  • An English- and French-speaking ship. English and French will therefore be the languages ​​spoken on board (all the officers and the Expedition team are French-speaking and English-speaking) which is very appreciable for exchanges on board and especially for the multiple conferences that will be offered.
  • The Explorer spirit claimed (a program almost exclusively composed of expedition cruises).
  • Very high quality service and on-board services.
  • A team of experts (crew members, guides, naturalists, lecturers) serving passengers.
  • All-inclusive cruises (disembarkation excursions, open bar formula, full board, drinks included).
  • Optimal experience on land while respecting the areas visited.
  • Very strong CSR commitments to minimize and offset our environmental impact and help make all our passengers true ambassadors of these destinations.

There is magic in the air and in the waves of such a destination. Each journey resonates with mythical names, those that make you dream on a map and encourage you to leave.

Let’s prepare your expedition!