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San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina)

Bariloche is a classic especially for Argentine people but in my opinion should be for international tourist.
I might have added in the part of "my favorites" because of how much I love this region of Patagonia.

Bariloche is the capital of the Lake District of northern Patagonia. Nature reigns here, as elsewhere in Patagonia. But is above all a paradise for any kind of activity: land excursions, fishing, picnics, watching condors, kayaking, hiking glaciers, relax, and of course, all kinds of winter sports. This place is really beautiful and varied landscapes: snow-capped mountains, turquoise lakes, arid steppe, forest with old trees, streams of a single transparency...

There are numerous lakes, all totally unspoiled, where there are multiple possibilities to put a tent and enjoy the scenery.
Paradise for nature lovers in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas for fishing, for example, but also an ideal place for hiking in the mountains as it offers a wide variety of trails and mountains huts.

The different colors ranging from the yellow of the desert plains of steppe to snowy peaks of the majestic Andes mountains from one if the most beautiful landscapes in Argentina.
In winter, the sky resort Cerro Catedral offers majestic views over the lakes of the region.

It's very hard not to want to stay a few days in this region. Please do not pay too much attention to the Bariloche tourist guides that compare the landscapes with the Swiss Alps…my Swiss clients that come here, always say the opposite!

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bariloche bariloche
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Patagonia in all seasons menu. For example, according to the climate, from Bariloche, in Patagonia Argentina, it is possible to go to Puerto Montt, in Chile, crossing successively three lakes by boat, as did the Jesuits and the first German settlers. I offer a tour that leads to the Pacific Ocean. It is quite long, but the beauty of the sites - forests, volcanoes and crystalline lakes - is such that it is worth to be carried. The Argentine side, cross the west arm of Nahuel Huapi and Lake Puerto Alegre and, the chilen side, Lake Todos los Santos. Moving from one lake to another by bus. This tour is feasible in all seasons, but in winter, it takes two days to reach Puerto Montt, stopping for one night at Peulla. We returned to Bariloche by air or by the same way, after a night in Puerto Montt. Borispatagonia is also responsible for visas to go to Chile and to book hotels. In Patagonia, winter and summer are tourist seasons. In summer, besides explore the surrounding, many activities are available: climbing, torrent fishing, sailing, horseback riding, hiking, rides, visits to Aciendas... In winter, the main activity is, of course, skiing, especially in July and August on the side of the Andes, but not only: snowshoe hikes, thematic tours, many walks to admire the beauty of Patagonia Argentina and Chile in this season, due a unique light, the warmth of the people of Patagonia... Just to talk about, I get goose bumps!