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Antarctica: The end of the world

For those who are eager (and above all have the means) to venture further towards the end of the World, they must travel to Antarctica. It is a continent mostly located in the south of the Antarctic circle, and completely surrounded by the southern hemisphere oceans. Compared to other continents it is colder, drier, higher (on average) and windier. 99% of its surface is covered by a permanent glacial ice layer. Weather conditions there are harsh and variable.

The Antarctic continent is a virgin space, in natural equilibrium almost unaffected by human activity. It is a memory of the global climate of snow and ice, a unique observation point for determining atmospheric phenomenon's and climates, but also a place where life forms found a way to adapt and live.

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The Antarctic Treaty of 1959 and its annexed agreements were established to govern all activities that take place in Antarctica. Under this treaty, all countries who had filed any legal claim to parts of Antarctica agreed to waive all rights and therefore no part of the continent is under the sovereignty of any one state (even though both Argentina and Chile, among other countries, still each claim a part of the territory).

Antarctica is undoubtedly the last great unspoilt area of the planet. Its gigantic icebergs, mountain ranges and solitude are almost beyond imagination, while its climate is one of the most hostile on earth. It is a land of extremes – beautiful and serene, yet savage and violent, though all admire it, whether viewed from land or the air.

The last decade has shown us that the most important economic engine of Antarctica is not mining or oil, but tourism. The continent remains a place of international cooperation, free and preserved.

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Patagonia in all seasons menu. For example, according to the climate, from Bariloche, in Patagonia Argentina, it is possible to go to Puerto Montt, in Chile, crossing successively three lakes by boat, as did the Jesuits and the first German settlers. I offer a tour that leads to the Pacific Ocean. It is quite long, but the beauty of the sites - forests, volcanoes and crystalline lakes - is such that it is worth to be carried. The Argentine side, cross the west arm of Nahuel Huapi and Lake Puerto Alegre and, the chilen side, Lake Todos los Santos. Moving from one lake to another by bus. This tour is feasible in all seasons, but in winter, it takes two days to reach Puerto Montt, stopping for one night at Peulla. We returned to Bariloche by air or by the same way, after a night in Puerto Montt. Borispatagonia is also responsible for visas to go to Chile and to book hotels. In Patagonia, winter and summer are tourist seasons. In summer, besides explore the surrounding, many activities are available: climbing, torrent fishing, sailing, horseback riding, hiking, rides, visits to Aciendas... In winter, the main activity is, of course, skiing, especially in July and August on the side of the Andes, but not only: snowshoe hikes, thematic tours, many walks to admire the beauty of Patagonia Argentina and Chile in this season, due a unique light, the warmth of the people of Patagonia... Just to talk about, I get goose bumps!