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Mate: a religion

I think that talking about Mate in the first "file" is appropriate as you will see people drinking mate all along Argentina as soon as you arrive and everywhere.
More than a symbol, the mate is a religion in this country.
Either in the city or in the countryside, mate is drunk without moderation leaving, in some cases, visitors puzzled.
The mate, also known as "Paraguay tea", is a natural beverage and energizer daily consumed in South America, especially in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil, and also in the Middle West – Syria, Lebanon. Argentina is the world's largest producer and consumer of yerba mate. The indigenous Guaraní people, from Paraguay and the Argentine northeast, have consumed it since a very long time ago. According to the Guarani legend, their God came down on earth to bring them their religion, to teach them agriculture and to unveil the use of medicinal herbs amongst which we find: yerba mate. Jesuits started to cultivate mate since the mid-seventeen century in Paraguay. Since then it's been known as the "Jesuits’ tea" or "Paraguay tea".

In South America, the mate is much more than just an infusion, it is an art of living, an every day ritual, an amazing cultural symbol that highlights the idea of "sharing" with its own language. Mate is usually drunk in groups – symbol of friendship. Offering mate to a friend is equivalent tohaving a nice gesture, to showing hospitality.
Mate can be drunk anywhere: at home, at work, on a trip; all day long and at any age. Some children drink mate infused in milk while teenagers add coffee to it when the time to study arrives!
Bitter, more or less sweet, with honey or perfumed with herbs... each one gives his or her personal touch.

The mate is packed with minerals and antioxidants. It helps to fight against mental as well as physical tiredness, to keep you alert; furthermore, it strengthens your memory, prevents heart attacks and also lowers your cholesterol.
In addition, the mate is a good ally if you want to lose weight! It naturally regulates appetite, helps digestive and intestinal function. It also increases endurance, boosts immune system, relieves from allergy, clears your mind, fights depression and many other.

The mate is mainly well-known among the people who live in the countryside, the "gauchos". It is a loyal ally for a long day’s work. When they are alone in the vast plains of La Pampa or in the dryness of the Patagonia, the mate is good company, not to mention entertaining, too... but when you are with other people it is a social gesture. The mate livens social gatherings up as it moves around all the guests and lets them share a good time in those unplanned reunions that give place to well-know "chats" (at times never-ending). The time is not important, what matter is that there's always a good excuse to have mate.
Saying no when you are offered some mate would mean to be left behind...

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