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A pyramid in Argentina

You surely know the pyramids of Egypt or those of the Maya civilization, and to another scale, the pyramid of the Louvre. But I am sure you don’t even imagine that Argentina will also have its pyramids challenging to shadow all others!
This takes place in the province of Cordoba, far from the international tourism but not far from a mountain, the Uritorco,

famous for its UFO legends, among others. It is even said that in the heart of this mountain there rests an ancient city called Ersch, from millions of years ago.
We are in a little town at the end of a lonely route: San Marcos Sierra. It has dirt roads and the most common means of transport are the horses and the bicycle. Being the best peace refuge for the hippies, the nap is compulsory for the hot hours at midday and it is of good manners greeting in the street. All in all, a tiny village ideal to rest and watch life as it seems to go by slowly under the murmur of omnipresent parrots.
A few years ago, at the boundaries of San Marcos Sierra, a very well-known person to me came to break the monotony of the town. Actually, he came with a colossal project in mind: a meditation center, with seven pyramids as the spine connected by tunnels lined up directly with the Uritorco mountain (what a symbol!).
Unlike all other pyramids built after the year 0, these pyramids would have three faces. The first of these pyramids, the "main" pyramid, will be 53m high and 53m on each side. In its base, there will be the gate of the sun made of 7 rings that will descend 14m deep into the earth.
At the moment of writing these lines, the base of the “main” pyramid is almost finished. Among other already finished works, there is the "Canal de la vida" (Canal of Life) that represents the mother’s womb, the “quartz therapy” that heals ailments such as cancer among others, and the entrance to the place that resembles a fort where the guards watch: seven wood statues representing wisdom.

The Cuidad de la Luz (City of Light) is also being built. It will be composed by numerous igloos to detoxify the people who wish to enter the pyramid. Even though the place emits a palpable energy, all that may seem rather awkward. However, I assure you that here, in San Marcos Sierra, nobody doubts that one day they will have these pyramids on their landscape. Moreover, in his book “Cono Sur”, the profet Benjamín Solari Parravicini mentions that a person born in 1954, whose surname is Kropp, will make a pyramid. This pyramid will come as a symbol of Unity. The man leading this project was born in 1954 and his Russian surname is Kropp. The opening date is planned to the 23rd May, 2012.

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