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Influenza A virus Influenza A virus Influenza A virus

Who is hidden behind the Influenza A virus?

Measles, pneumonia, diseases that can be cured by applying cheap vaccines, cause the death of ten million of people around the world each year.
However, the news doesn't say anything about it... But some years ago, when the Avian Influenza or Bird Flu appered... the news worldwide spread the voice alarming everyone everywhere...
An epidemic, the worst ever!... A pandemic!
Nevertheless, the Bird Flu had only 250 fatal victims all over the world. 250 deceased in 10 years, what leads us to an average of 25 fatal victims per year.
The flu kills about 500,000 each year all over the world. 500,000 against 25.

The transnational pharmaceutical industries with their “famous” Tamiflu have sold huge amounts of doses to Asian countries. Although Tamiflu's effectiveness is not completely reliable, the British government has bought 14 million doses to prevent its people.
As a result of the Bird Flu, the big pharmaceutical companies that sell antiviral drugs gotprofits equivalent to billions of dollars.
And how much do they sell this “miraculous” Tamiflu for?
Well, let's see... US$50 per box.
What I do understand is that these companies make really good money out of our pockets...

All in all, the real pandemic is the profit, the huge profits these medical merceries make.
It cannot be denied the necessary precaution countries are taking. However, if the Swine Flu is such a terrible pandemic as the news say, and if the World Health Organization is so worried about this desease, why don’t they declare it as a worldwide problem of public health and order the manufacturing of generic medicine to fight gainst it? And in addition, distributing generic medicine for free in every country, especially the poor ones. I believe this would be the best solution.

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