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Argentina and Chile are two countries that share the south of the American Continent.
Buenos Aires; Argentinean Capital city, has an alive cultural life with theatres, Cinemas, expositions and where Tango is ever present. Besides being countries of the big cities they are countries of the big open spaces:
Natural sites as Perito Moreno and Viedma glaciers, Valdes peninsula, Beagle channel, Torres del Paine, Fitz Roy, Austral route, the big lakes of the south, the Aconcagua, the Valle de la Luna or Moon valley, Iguazú waterfalls, each of these places already makes an itinerary for one trip.


But it's not only landscape. The people who live from the "Pachamama", with the philosophy of not killing to survive, such as the villages of Cachi, Tilcara, Iruyac, San Marcos Sierras, Villa Traful, Parinacota, Futaleufú... etc. are what really conform the identity of these countries, which is an aspect that is not very well known.

Every meeting is a source of personal enrichment.
Nature hits you, and can be hostile too. It makes us more humble and realize the small condition of human beings. Traveling along these places means wanting to be with our selves, finding your self alone with so many questions that have no answers and also means learning to listen to the silence.

For sure you'll behold the most wonderful sunsets in the world. There, especially in Patagonia, you'll feel quite a unique, timeless atmosphere. And you're likely to have the same feeling about the spots included in the UNESCO World Heritage, such as the "Cueva de las Manos", "Iguazu" "Talampaya" "Los Glaciares" national parks, the "Ischigualasto" provincial park, la "Quebrada de Humahuaca", Valdes Peninsula, etc.

With no doubt Patagonia does shelters some of the last untouched spots of the Planet. Thanks to a voyage to Patagonia, here by treading on this end of our World, where nobody cannot say whether it's the beginning or the end of any kind of life, you'll be reminded of this Blaise Cendrars's quotation: "There is nothing left but Patagonia to suit my immense sadness"

If you have reached this page, and therefore just reading these few lines, for sure you are eager to become better acquainted with that "End of the World" sort of universe. Moreover, you and me are likely to share similar feelings. To be able to gain access to that South American spirit, you must be acquainted with its history, its culture, its customs and legends. Argentina and Chile are countries where space and nature do prevail. There, over there, vegetal, animal and mineral environment have combined to sign a kind of unique, sublimation pact.

The Argentinian and Chilean territories cover numerous latitudes, from the sub tropical to the sub Antarctic zones. Such situation greatly favours an unmatched opportunity to discover and appreciate bio diversity all along the year : the rain forests of the Iguazu Falls in the North East, the Puna high deserts and Yunga rain forests in the North West, the mountainous central zones, the Pampas surrounding the eclectic city of Buenos Aires, the High Andes,  the Western vine district, the Patagonian steppe with its steep cliffs and its cetacean fauna, not to forget the granite peaks in Southern Patagonian Andes.
Argentina is a true melting pot of various cultures that have always kept thriving next to each other, and of territories which have modeled specific ways of living. Let's quote for instance the vernacular Guarani culture in the North east, the Wiliches and Matacos in the Northern territories, the descendants of Incas and Giaguitas in the North West, and of the Malpuches and Tehuelches in Patagonia. The quite cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires is the entrance gate to Argetina; its nostalgic tangos, the beauty of the women, and its renowned night life have always seduced lots of visitors...

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travel argentina chile travel argentina chile
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Patagonia in all seasons menu. For example, according to the climate, from Bariloche, in Patagonia Argentina, it is possible to go to Puerto Montt, in Chile, crossing successively three lakes by boat, as did the Jesuits and the first German settlers. I offer a tour that leads to the Pacific Ocean. It is quite long, but the beauty of the sites - forests, volcanoes and crystalline lakes - is such that it is worth to be carried. The Argentine side, cross the west arm of Nahuel Huapi and Lake Puerto Alegre and, the chilen side, Lake Todos los Santos. Moving from one lake to another by bus. This tour is feasible in all seasons, but in winter, it takes two days to reach Puerto Montt, stopping for one night at Peulla. We returned to Bariloche by air or by the same way, after a night in Puerto Montt. Borispatagonia is also responsible for visas to go to Chile and to book hotels. In Patagonia, winter and summer are tourist seasons. In summer, besides explore the surrounding, many activities are available: climbing, torrent fishing, sailing, horseback riding, hiking, rides, visits to Aciendas... In winter, the main activity is, of course, skiing, especially in July and August on the side of the Andes, but not only: snowshoe hikes, thematic tours, many walks to admire the beauty of Patagonia Argentina and Chile in this season, due a unique light, the warmth of the people of Patagonia... Just to talk about, I get goose bumps!